The Heaven Metal Band

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"Eternal Glory: The Container of Legends"

For the  "G.O.A.T.! Museum for Hard Rockin' Culture is this a very special exhibition space - one of our converted sea freight containers is designed as a "container of legends". This unique space serves as a tribute to the deceased stars of the hard rock and heavy metal scene and becomes a moving tribute to their unforgettable contributions to the music world.

The container itself becomes an imposing structure that will embody the raw and rebellious character of hard rock and heavy metal. The outer walls of the container are decorated with metallic ornaments and the logos of legendary bands such as Led Zeppelin, Queen, Jimi Hendrix and Pantera.  On the walls hang huge photographs and posters of the musicians in their glorious moments.

In the middle of the container there is an altar dedicated to the deceased artists. Here visitors can light candles, lay down flowers and express their appreciation for the music legends. Video clips and interviews with the deceased musicians are shown on a large screen, sharing their stories and inspirations.

The entire container is also dedicated to the musicians' personal belongings, including guitars, drumsticks and stage outfits they wore during their memorable performances. These artifacts tell the stories behind the songs and give visitors an insight into the life and personality of the musicians.

The "Container of Legends" aka "The Heaven Metal Band" in "G.O.A.T.! Museum for Hard Rockin' Culture will be a place of remembrance and homage where fans and music lovers will have the opportunity to honor the deceased stars of the hard rock and heavy metal scene in a very special way. It will be a place of reflection, music and gratitude that will keep alive the immortal magic of these legends for generations to come

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