Discography of Billy Idol

These are the hits & albums of Billy Idol

Publication date

1. Billy Idol (1982)
   - Notable Tracks: "White Wedding," "Dancing with Myself," "Hot in the City"

2. Rebel Yell (1983)
   - Notable Tracks: "Rebel Yell," "Eyes Without a Face," "Flesh for Fantasy"

3. Whiplash Smile (1986)
   - Notable Tracks: "To Be a Lover," "Don't Need a Gun," "Sweet Sixteen"

4. Charmed Life (1990)
   - Notable Tracks: "Cradle of Love," "L.A. Woman," "Prodigal Blues"

5. Cyberpunk (1993)
   - Notable Tracks: "Shock to the System," "Heroin," "Wasteland"

6. Devil's Playground (2005)
   - Notable Tracks: "Scream," "World Comin' Down," "Plastic Jesus"

7. Kings & Queens of the Underground (2014)
   - Notable Tracks: "Can't Break Me Down," "Save Me Now," "Postcards from the Past"

Billy Idol has also released live albums and compilations throughout his career. Some notable ones include:

- Vital Idol (1985) - A remix compilation featuring tracks from "Billy Idol" and "Rebel Yell."
- Don't Stop (1981) - An EP featuring live tracks.
- Idol Songs: 11 of the Best (1988) - A compilation album.
- Greatest Hits (2001) - Another compilation album featuring his greatest hits.
- VH1 Storytellers (2002) - A live album featuring acoustic versions of his songs.
- The Very Best of Billy Idol: Idolize Yourself (2008) - A comprehensive compilation of his best work.