The challenge: Rock Harder Save Lives!

Who is the Foundation?

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What is it about?

Various studies prove: The community of hard rock and heavy metal fans is active and friendly to everyone.   
The solidarity within the community towards weaker and supposed marginal groups of society is extremely high in contrast to public perception. Metalhead is helpful, socially competent, loyal and generous.  

Why metal fans are the better people.. Warum Metal Fans die besseren Menschen sind.. 

With a new non-profit & charity concept for the organization of hard rock events we hope for the intensive support of the metalheads and hard rock fans for active help for various charity projects in the world.

We believe in our community!

In addition, most Hard Rock fans follow their favorites from the music for a lifetime.   
Even if the/ the honored/ n bands and artists/ in for year (ten) throw no new disc on the market...also sounds only the first tone of the Uraltsongs from the speakers, the amp is turned on full throttle into the red range and the (possibly not quite existing ) Mat hung without regard to whiplash or indication of disturbance.

We want to use the qualities and talents of the Hard'n Heavy crowd to alleviate various ailments in the world with the vocal glory of hard rock.

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