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The Hard Rock Nations Foundation is a non-profit organization to provide help and support with a unique concept who use their own resources and/or money to help the weak in society.

The idea / the concept

What exactly is Hard Rock Nations doing from 2023? What is G.O.A.T.?

Here you will find the concept of Hard Rock Nations Foundation illustrated to click through.

What is the "Hard Rock Nations Foundation"?

The Hard Rock Nations Foundation begins in 2023 as a non-profit organization to actively support people, associations and actions that invest your commitment, time and money to help other people and animals.
All actions, events and measures of the Hard Rock Nations Foundation serve various charities of our users.

All proceeds go to YOUR project

The challenge: Rock Harder Save Lives!

We all can do something!

Who is the Hard Rock Nations Foundation?

The Hard Rock Nations Foundation is a new independent non-profit organization and will begin actively supporting people, organizations and actions that use their commitment and strength to help the most vulnerable in society in 2023.   

What is it about?

Various studies prove: The community of hard rock and heavy metal fans is active and friendly to everyone.   
The solidarity within the community towards weaker and supposed marginal groups of society is extremely high in contrast to public perception. Metalhead is helpful, socially competent, loyal and generous.  

Why metal fans are the better people..
Warum Metal Fans die besseren Menschen sind.. 

With a new non-profit & charity concept for the organization of hard rock events we hope for the intensive support of the metalheads and hard rock fans for active help for various charity projects in the world.

We believe in our community!

In addition, most Hard Rock fans follow their favorites from the music for a lifetime.   
Even if the/ the honored/ n bands and artists/ in for year (ten) throw no new disc on the market...also sounds only the first tone of the Uraltsongs from the speakers, the amp is turned on full throttle into the red range and the (possibly not quite existing ) Mat hung without regard to whiplash or indication of disturbance.

We want to use the qualities and talents of the Hard'n Heavy crowd to alleviate various ailments in the world with the vocal glory of hard rock.

Further sources and information on this topic:

Warum die Metal-Szene der richtige Ort für Frauen ist..  
Death metal music inspires joy not violence..  
Heavy Metal Fans Are Music’s Reigning Monogamists..   
Studie beweist: Metal-Fans sind weltweit die loyalsten Hörer .

The Chance: Heavy Metal Heals!



Alleviate suffering with passion!

We all know that our societies in this world are largely made up of rolling back and forth clichés, stereotypes and prejudices.  
We evaluate, assess, reject and condemn what we either do not know or do not fit into our own egocentric-intolerant image of life.  
This also and especially applies to the consideration of the hard rock and heavy metal music genre by an existing mainstream society.

In this musical genre there is so much good and healing!  
Various studies and studies have shown that hard music from the Hard'n Heavy direction helps to process mental deficits such as depression or even aggression in a valuable and sustainable way.

Heavy Metal has a calming effect

Here you can find links to a very interesting study from 2015. 

Link: Extreme metal music and anger processing     
Link: Studie zeigt: Heavy Metal wirkt beruhigend 

Furthermore, the community of metalheads is very loyal, helpful and socially competent. This leads to people with mental problems within this community in connection with hard'n heavy music have a better chance to process and solve social problems together with the like-minded.

Mutual SELF-EVIDENT support

Within the community of hard rock fans, negative stereotypes or clichés of the mainstream world are usually frowned upon.  
People - regardless of skin color, origin and/or orientation - are often respected from the ground up and included in the group.  
At concerts and events, one pays attention to each other and attaches great importance to celebrating the music very loudly together. People with physical or mental deficits are actively integrated and supported if necessary.

Some great examples of exactly this healing ability of Hard'n Heavy music shows a very interesting documentary of the TV channel ARD / hr2. Take a look at it! 

Link: Heavy Metal Saved My Live

The Idea: Stars To The Crowd

The Hard Rock & Heavy Metal scene lives in the "real world", which is why we are creating a very special charity event series:

G.O.A.T.! - The Greatest Museum For Hard Rockin' Culture

Our unique event concept of the Hard Rock Nations creates a new and unique world.

We organize used sea freight containers and convert them into various event modules in the form of museum premises.   
Stars from the Hard & Heavy scene will then have the opportunity to design their own container freely as a museum contribution, so to speak as a legacy.  
In this way, many different mobile museums are created, which can be put together at different locations to form a complete event theme park.

The finished containers are organized and assembled by the Hard Rock Nations Foundation.  In addition, there are the obligatory modules for catering, safety, logistics and infrastructure as well as container objects.  
After that, all containers are transported to different venues as a complete mobile event.   
There, an event setup of the containers is created, creating a unique hard rock theme park.

A Heavy Metal theme park!