G.O.A.T.! The fundraising - model: Your Money is needed!

As a non-profit company, it is primarily about realising the idealism for a project. In order to turn a well-intentioned (still utopian?) idea into a real scenario and charity project like that of the Hard Rock Nations we need help.

Non Profit Professionals

We see ourselves as an organization of event management professionals who want to dedicate themselves to their passion of hard rock and at the same time use their profession to achieve the common goal. 
We can’t do everything - but we can do everything we can.  

However, we as an organization also need external financial and organizational support.

How can you help?

That’s why we decided to establish the Hard Rock Nations Foundation as a consumer foundation and to promote and finance the necessary budgets per event in the form of crowd fundraising campaigns. 

Hard Rock Nations Foundation as a consumption foundation?

We are well aware of the sensitivity of this financial planning, at the same time we want to confirm the trust of our fundraisers at all times through absolute transparency, meaningful budgeting and serious business practices.

What can a potential fundraiser expect?

The individual events of the G.O.A.T.! tour are calculated and planned in advance in a profound and transparent manner.  
This results in a predictable budget, which we calculate for the realization of the planned event. This respective budget is presented and advertised to the public as a fundraising campaign in the long term. In those campaigns, a potential fundraiser can provide their participation in the project in various ways to realize the project.

How can you fundraise?

We are proud to have won Eventgroove as a partner for the serious realization of our fundraising and donation campaigns.   
As part of the fundraising campaign, we design various attractive packages for all "investors" in our idea.

In the coming months we will start with smaller measures to promote the Hard Rock Nations project.

We hope for a lot of support for our project and the concept behind it, so that we all 

05/25 for the world premiere of the Hard Rock Nations with G.O.A.T.! 

to present a unique event experience.

Our campaign provides some concepts for fundraising.  
In addition to the classic "oneway" donations, we present various so-called bi-directional measures.  
These measures offer various benefits for donors and supporting cooperation partners.

What are the possibilities to donate?

We offer the following donation concepts through our partner Eventgroove:

  • Classic dispensing processes
  • Fundraising with benefit package
  • Lotteries
  • Auctions
  • Competitions
  • Sales
  • Incentives 
  • much more to come